Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[HOME TIPS] Ceiling Fans

When u choose a fan remember these points:

Number of blades 
Go for a 5 blade fan as it creates more wind (usually) but not always. Balance is more important than number of blades or style — uneven blades can cause fans to wobble.

Length of blades
Choose the largest possible fan for your room. Sizes generally run from 36 to 60 inches, representing the distance from the tip of one blade to the tip of the opposite. If you’re cooling a large, rectangular room, consider two fans, evenly spaced, to distribute air.

Materials/ Type of blades
The metal and ABS types are the best compared to wood as they dont sag after some time.

Remote Control
Always get the radio frequency type compared to infrared. Radio type u dont need to aim it at the fan in order to use it.

Get a 5 speed RPM 90-250 fan for better wind. The higher the RPM the faster the fan blades will move for that particular speed. Your motor should be a minimum 188. This represents the strength of the motor in moving the blades.

Motor warranty?

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ceh..sabojela bdk sorg ni..m'kade-kade je tau..

Aidanisme said...

kipas belah kanan tu aida nyer.. hihi.. meh beli kat meru.. murah dr tpt lain

ZzamzZ said...

serius Aida..harusla di share kan bersame ni..belah kanan tu KDK K14Y9 tu kn berapa harga kt meru? yg belah kiri tu ade x kt kedai tu KDK K15Z9(Sensa 5) ;D

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KDK mmg tahan kipas dia..rumah aku 2 je kipas euro-uno,4 lagi KDK,tp KDK biasa la,yg remote euro uno tu je heheh..

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berangan tak kena byr zam..takpe..teruskanmnnt akan jd kenyataan...

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2la izan..satu mmg cr yg tahan n more on functioning bkn nye kebetulan tgok yg 2 ni nampak modern terus melekat kt 2la d price yg blh kiri tu walah² beli 2 utk yg belah kanan.